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NY IAF: NYCHA Repairs Make Leaks Worse

NY IAF: NYCHA Repairs Make Leaks Worse

Friday, August 14, 2015
New York Daily News

....Llumi says NYCHA has done nothing but give her the runaround since Memorial Day.  “They send someone who looks at the problem, who says they’re going to send someone else to fix it, and that’s where it stays,” she said.

In her kitchen, water collects in the ceiling, forming a hubcap-sized bubble in the ceiling paint that’s soft to the touch. “You can’t cook,” Llumi told the Daily News. “The water falls on your food.”

She placed buckets in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in both bedrooms. Sometimes the water — which has worked its way through the dirty roof — hits her skin and causes rashes. And gravity has drawn the water down into the apartments below since this problem started 11 weeks ago.

Under that apartment, the stove also sits right below an alarming gash in the ceiling where the recurring drip has eaten away the plaster. Tenant Barbara Solomon says the stove “pops and sizzles” when rain hits the outlet that feeds it juice.

Tenants say NYCHA caused the problem itself when the agency began working on the roof parapets back in the spring. Before that there were no indoor rainstorms.

“They damaged the inside of the building when they were fixing the outside of the building,” said Solomon, who recounts numerous calls in vain to management requesting repairs. Solomon says NYCHA told tenants roof repairs are in the works — but not for the immediate future.

Tenants say NYCHA has done nothing all summer to plug the leak they apparently created. As a result, every time there’s rain in the forecast, tenants in a column of apartments below Llumi’s get out their impressive collection of plastic buckets.

“What’s happening in the King Towers echoes what we are seeing all over the city,” said Michael Stanley, an organizer with Metro Industrial Area Foundation, a housing advocate group that’s been critical of NYCHA for years

“Too often, NYCHA doesn’t show up, but even where they are supposedly fixing things, the repairs are usually so ineffective that nothing is really resolved or  the problem even gets worse,” Stanley said.