BUILD & MAYOR SCOTT Call for Major Investment & Creation of a Special Purpose Entity to Address Baltimore's Vacancy Crisis

Nearly 300 determined clergy and community leaders attended a press conference in front of Greater Harvest Baptist Church in southwest Baltimore on February 16th with Mayor Scott to show their support for Baltimoreans United In Leadership Development (BUILD)'s plan to address vacant and abandoned homes in Baltimore.

BUILD called for and Mayor Scott committed to:

  • Investment at scale ($7.5 billion – including $2.5 billion in public capital, up to $200 million per year) to address this crisis.
  • The creation of a “special purpose entity” that can raise that magnitude of capital and will be locally accountable to ensure this crisis is addressed over time.

BUILD also released the report, “Whole Blocks, Whole City,” prepared by some of the foremost experts on community development in the country, Alan Mallach and czbLLC, that analyzes the scale of the problem of vacant & abandoned homes in the city.

Read more about BUILD's plan here.

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