More than 100 law enforcement officers, healthcare leaders, investors and public officials gathered January 16 for a Firearm Safety Expo to see what the future of firearms looks like. Hosted by Common Ground, with support from Metro IAF, the expo provided a forum for gun safety innovators to present technology such as biometric locks, user authentication, and theft-tracking technology, all of which has the potential to reduce the number of people killed by guns every year in America.
“As much as guns are an incredibly volatile issue in our society,” said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in his remarks, “we should all be able to gather around the notion that we can make this product safer.” Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele added, “What we have, especially in government, is purchasing power… We can make demands and we can have an influence on what kind of guns are bought with that money.”
But the focus was on law enforcement and their reaction to these products. Said Wauwatosa Chief of Police Barry Weber, “It is important that we, as law enforcement officers, see ourselves as playing an overall critical component in shaping the future of firearms development.”
According to exit surveys collected at the event, their reaction was very positive. One hundred percent of the law enforcement said that they found the event informative; 87% said they would consider buying one of the products when they’re available; and 76% said they would recommend one of the devices to a civilian gun owner when the products become available.
The Do Not Stand Idly By (DNSIB) campaign hopes to harness the positive energy from the expo to push the work forward, potentially spurring investment, encouraging public purchasing or creating a public health advocacy arm. This expo could prove to be a pivotal moment in the campaign.  
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