Before more than 1,200+ East Brooklyn Congregations and Metro IAF leaders, the Governor Cuomo said, “Redwood shows how to provide senior housing. We just have to do more of it. And I pledge today the state of New York will help finance over 1,000 units over 11 projects on 11 NYCHA sites. Let’s get the seniors out of NYCHA and lets open the page on a new day. Thank you for leading the way. Metro IAF, you led the way. David Brawley, led the way. Shaun Lee, led the way. Everyone here led the way.”
A successful action at Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church yielded recognition, respect and results. Acting as Metro Industrial Areas Foundation with great representation and participation from leaders from Manhattan Together, South Bronx Churches, Long Island CAN, and a re-emerging organization in Queens, leaders won an agreement from the Governor to keep working with Metro IAF NY on Long Island to develop a comprehensive plan to treat opioid addiction. 
Since October 2017, Metro IAF NY has won $500 million to build senior housing; helped bring about a $2.2 billion settlement agreement for NYCHA repairs; built public relationships with the most powerful elected leaders and public officials in the city and state (governor, mayor, state and city commissioners, city council speaker and half the council members); and made the affordable housing crisis the number one story in our city.
Last month, a council person told us indignantly, "after we gave the $500 million, we thought you'd be happy and back off a little bit." Rev. Andre Palmer’s response summarizes what's at stake and why we are so persistent and determined.
"Councilman," Rev. Palmer said, "our people have a boot on their neck. When you have a boot on your neck, you don't want it off a little bit; you want it off all the way." And that's just what we're going to do.
The mayor remains the target. We're organizing council members to choose NYCHA lots suited for senior housing. Then we'll go with them to the mayor to demand he let us start building right away.
Press & Photos:
Photos from EBC-Metro IAF w/Gov. Andrew Cuomo at Mt. Lebanon Assembly (08-26-18)
Photo credit: Paul Hanely @3ilanphotog2
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