The four Illinois IAF affiliates - DuPage United, Fox River Valley Initiative, Lake County United and United Power for Action and Justice - assembled 1,257 leaders from across the four counties in Northern Illinois to meet with all 10 candidates for Illinois Attorney General, which included 8 Democrats and 2 Republicans, in advance of the March 20th Primary election. This is the first time in 15 years that the office for Attorney General is truly up for grabs in Illinois. The four IL IAF affiliates were seeking to establish a mature, reciprocal and productive relationship with the next Attorney General. To that end, IL IAF won a commitment from each candidate to meet with the four organizations within 30 days of the November election, if elected.  IL IAF also heard each candidates' response to how they would work to address four key issue areas of the organizations: reducing incarceration of people with mental illness and/or addiction, affordable housing, engaging gun manufacturers to make us safer and stopping the flow of illegal guns and 24 hour response to any crisis or hate crime.