Under beautiful skies on April 21, 326 United Power(UP) leaders held an action in Roseland on Chicago’s Southside to announce breakthroughs with new Mayor Brandon Johnson to scale up its Reclaiming Chicago/Nehemiah homeownership plan to build 2,000 homes in 4 neighborhoods. 

After a 12-month campaign, UP got the new Mayor to act AND:

  1. Appoint the Chicago COO John Roberson as the Reclaiming point person
  2. Introduce legislation to move on 500 lots through a land development agreement enabling UP to build at a pace & scale (at least 125 per year) required to transform blighted communities into thriving neighborhoods in the Mayor’s first term
  3. Implement an “end red tape” initiative to accelerate city permits, inspections, & end exorbitant fees—all of which suffocate neighborhood development. 

Another good reaction from yesterday in Chicago:  newly confirmed Buildings Commissioner Marlene Hopkins attended the action.  Commissioner Hopkins is a UP ally.  Ms. Hopkins was helpful to UP when she was 1st Deputy.  Ms. Hopkins is also a member of Salem Baptist Church.

There were also great testimonies from new homeowners, Gerald and Valerie Warren, and aspiring homeowners. New leaders led the action like veterans & put tension with COO John Roberson to restate the Mayor’s & his action commitments point by point. Reflecting the spirit of the action, 60+ leaders attended the action evaluation.  Big congratulations to UP leaders for a strong action & these breakthroughs, grounded in their exercising power consistently and persistently through action in the last 12 months and refusing to bow to the status quo.

Here is a link to photos from the action