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We are leaders and organizers who use the power we build to improve the lives of our families, communities, regions, and nation.


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Metro IAF Spotlight




How to Lose a Union Drive

The failed campaign to organize Amazon workers in Bessemer, Ala., holds key lessons. Whether organizers learn them is another matter... [Read More]


Fight Racism and Covid-19

Starting Friday, February 26, the newest round of group PPE ordering will be launched through our friends over at CPA CO-OP. Through this purchase, we will be able to collectively secure better prices for these key supplies AND support local, women, and minority-owned businesses in this time of uncertainty.... [Read More]

ReBuild Metro

Over the past fifteen years, ReBuild Metro has invested millions of dollars into two heavily distressed East Baltimore neighborhoods. Over 350 families now have new homes.... [Read More]


VOICE for Justice 2020 Victories

Covid19 may have derailed many of our plans over the past year, but it did not derail VOICE. They continued to focus on how best to serve their community, as their communities needs changed on a continuing basis...[Read more]

Writing Workshop Registration Open Now!

Learn how to write prose that is artful, persuasive, and 99% error-free. Advice on editing and publishing participants’ work also provided... [Read more]





People • Power • Production