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Metro IAF Spotlight


VOICE Celebrates Another Housing Victory

VOICE Celebrates Another Housing Victory

Seven years ago, what began as a tragedy for hundreds of seniors ended up as a victory for those seniors and the VOICE leaders who organized with them. In 2015, residents of Fellowship Square Senior Housing at Lake Anne learned that there was a plan to replace their aging building, a place that those seniors called home... [Continue Here]


Faith in Action Shenandoah Valley

On October 26, Faith in Action had 329 leaders from 19 institutions and 14 guest institutions attend their internal action.  The action had a very strong IAF identity with excellent teaching on power, power analysis, and action.  The stories from leaders affected by the childcare and transportation crisis were moving and the emerging action agenda to create a demand response point-to-point transportation service in rural Rockingham County, where there is zero public transit now and to develop solutions to the lack of affordable childcare and the burnout of childcare workers due to low wages and no benefits is promising... [Continue Here]


CBS News: Nehemiah Strategy Makes the American Dream Possible

Ted Koppel, with CBS Sunday Morning, interviewed Metro IAF leaders Rev. Brawley and Sarah Plowden of St. Paul, as well as affordable housing developer Kirk Goodrich to tell the story of how imagination and sustained institutional power resulted in a $1.5 Billion wealth-building equity strategy for first-time homeowners in low-income African-American and Latino neighborhoods in East Brooklyn, DC, Jersey City, Chicago, and Baltimore... [Continue Here]


We are not Helpless to Stop Gun Violence

Our nation is stuck right now, paralyzed by the marriage of learned helplessness and meaningless re-enactments. After another bloody holiday weekend—seven dead and dozens wounded in Highland Park; at least 10 dead and 62 wounded in the city of Chicago more than 220 dead and more wounded in other cities and counties—we are seeing these two trends converge again...[Continue Here]

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