The Metro IAF Strategy Team is made up of senior leaders from Metro IAF’s affiliates and is responsible for establishing the strategic directions of Metro IAF, leading Metro IAF issue campaigns, building relationships with power players in the government, corporate, education, and civic sectors, overseeing Metro IAF’s finances, and working with senior organizers to ensure Metro IAF develops new organizations, expands its organizer ranks, and raises money to finance its work.


Rev Anthony Bennett
Congregations Organized for a New Connecticut, CT


Rev David Brawley, Co-Chair
East Brooklyn Congregations, NY


Rev Dr Herbert Davis
Durham Congregations, Associations & Neighborhoods, NC


Mr Oussama Jammal
United Power for Action and Justice, IL


Rabbi Joel Mosbacher
Upper Manhattan Together, NY



Fr Joe Muth
Baltimoreans United In Leadership Development, MD


Rev Patrick O'Connor, Co-Chair


Ms Carol Reckling
Baltimoreans United In Leadership Development, MD