Career Opportunities

Metro IAF Currently has job openings in Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New York, and Virginia

Metro IAF organizers are always interested in talking with talented, driven individuals who could see organizing as their vocation. 

Ninety-day professional organizer try-outs (year-round): IAF offers paid, 90-day try-outs to interested men and women at one of its 70+ organizations across the US any time of the year. Organizer candidates are assigned to a sponsoring IAF organization, are given an organizing assignment to test their capacity, and receive extensive training and supervision from a senior IAF organizer. These try-outs are offered after a process that includes:

  • An expression of interest by an individual that would include a letter of introduction, a resume, and some references;
  • An individual meeting, or series of individual meetings, held with the candidate;

  • Some contact with the individual in the context of local training/organizing or some mutually agreed-upon voluntary experience that gives the individual a better view and feel for IAF organizing and the local IAF organizer a better sense of the individual;

  • Then the 90-day try-out itself.  Upon successful completion of a 90-day try-out, candidates may be offered a 1-year contract

  • We are actively looking for candidates that speak Spanish, French, Amharic.

All IAF affiliates are proud Equal Opportunity Employers.  Women, people of color, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ are strongly encouraged to apply.


To apply

Please send your resume and a one-page cover letter that includes a story about a time when YOU acted to create change. Please include in the story how you used the qualities listed above.

Send cover letter, resume to [email protected].