In January, DuPage United (DU) successfully organized a group of 166 residents and allies from Glen Ellyn, IL, to attend the Glen Ellyn Board of Trustees Meeting. They aimed to support DU's proposal to construct 50-65 high-quality, affordable apartments designed explicitly for essential workers and individuals with special needs. This endeavor had its roots two years ago when DU leaders extended an invitation to Glen Ellyn Trustees, inviting them to witness the success of affordable housing initiatives at FRVI's 1212 Larkin. Notably, an additional 560 Glen Ellyn residents had signed a petition supporting this crucial housing initiative.

However, despite the initial progress made, the Glen Ellyn Village recently attempted to postpone voting on the proposal. This prompted a swift response from 90 determined residents who attended the meeting and challenged the Village Council to proceed with the vote.

On the evening of May 8, with only a brief two-day notice, DuPage United leaders, predominantly comprising Glen Ellyn residents, filled the council chambers and overflow room. The speakers eloquently reminded the village council of the extensive process and thorough vetting that this proposal had undergone. They also addressed any misconceptions and misinformation surrounding the plan's potential impact. 

This bold action once again showcased the unwavering commitment of DuPage United leaders to press forward, undeterred by continued attempts to impede the development of high-quality, affordable housing for essential workers and individuals with special needs.