Common Ground capped off it's five month GOTV campaign with an all-out effort on Election Day:

  • helping voters at seven polling sites: go to vote, get to vote
  • calling and texting voters
  • giving rides
  • combing our neighborhoods for people who hadn't voted and driving them to the polls
  • organizing an effort to get last-minute absentee ballots to Central Count

There were so many inspiring stories of voters overcoming obstacles in order to vote and CG leaders' persistence in doing whatever was needed to help people vote.  Here's one:

J. Harris came to vote but he was turned away because he didn't have proof of where he lived. CG GOTV Organizer Zipporah Turnbull talked with him and found out he had recently moved and didn't have bills, a bank account, a lease, or paycheck.  After about 15 minutes, he said "I guess I just can't vote."  Zipporah encouraged him, gave him her contact info and told him to go home and look. 

He came back 30 minutes later with a government letter with his name and new address.  However, he was turned away from the polls a second time because he was at the wrong polling place so CG Lead Organizer, Jennifer O'Hear offered him a ride to his polling place.  He was finally able to register and cast his ballot! 

Jennifer asked him why he was so determined to vote, and he said, "because of my grandkids."