VICTORY! First, fully-funded Jersey City Public Schools budget in more than a decade!

HUGE PROGRESS on education in Jersey City Public Schools (led by the JCT Education Team) on Monday night!

For the first time in more than a decade, the Jersey City Board of Education voted for a fully-funded schools budget. The 6-3 vote (with Trustees Ali, Verdibello, Richardson, Roman, Lyons, & Terrell-Paige voting yes) is historic progress for a district that just a few years ago was $125 million underfunded according to the state funding formula.

Read an article by  Hudson County View here.

This would not have happened without the leadership of JCT’s Education Team, Superintendent Walker, and the members of the Board of Education who supported this.

(Watch some of the history of underfunding in Jersey City Public Schools from our March action here.)