GBIO Leaders and Coalition Partners Carry a “Check” to the State House for the money saved by lowering the cost of prescription drugs, totaling $71 million per year.


The Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO), along with partners in the Massachusetts Prescription Drug Affordability Coalition, scored its first win in its 2019-2020 health care legislative campaign. Language passed as part of the 2020 budget gives the Secretary of Health and Human Services the power to develop a proposed value of a drug as well as have a public hearing if MassHealth (Massachusetts’ Medicaid agency) cannot agree with the drug manufacturer on a fair price. Using this negotiating leverage will lower the state’s prescription drug costs, which have doubled over the last five years. This will save the State of MA $71 Million per year in the annual MassHealth budget.

To make their voices heard, GBIO members gathered alongside members of coalition partner organizations at a Health Care Action Day at the State House. Leaders met with legislators and staff, demanding the strongest legislation possible to fight back against the doubling of prescription drug costs for MassHealth over the last five years.

In this legislative campaign, GBIO is pushing for real reform in the current session of the Massachusetts Legislature by:

  • - Lowering Prescription Drug Costs
  • - Increasing Access to Affordable Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Care
  • - Regulating Out-of-network “Surprise” Bills

With this win, further legislative efforts will focus on other ways to lower prescription drug costs as well as create administrative tools to enforce mental health parity and remove the “surprise” from out-of-network bills.