Health experts say it is critical that a majority of Americans get the COVID-19 vaccine in order for the population to have immunity against the virus. Yet, many people remain hesitant to get the vaccine for a variety of reasons.  

GCC is using the power of its member congregations to listen and respond to people's concerns about the vaccine. In early January, it began offering "Train the Trainer" sessions to provide interested GCC leaders the opportunity to learn how to run small group discussions within their organizations that focus on the COVID-19 vaccine and identify ways GCC can advocate around issues regarding the vaccine. The Train the Trainer sessions focus on learning about the latest research on the COVID-19 vaccine. GCC is partnering with the Union of Concerned Scientists to make sure it has the latest and best research available about the vaccine so its leaders can direct its people to reliable information sources.

GCC has asked that each of its member organizations have at least 3-5 people attend one of the trainings. Those individuals will then run small group sessions within their congregations to educate people about the vaccine and listen and respond to their concerns. To date 65 individuals have been trained with one session remaining.