More than 400 Latino leaders and allies of the NC Congress of Latino Organizations met on Monday, October 25th, 2021, to get reactions from all seven candidates to the Mayoral and City Council seats in Durham, North Carolina. Housing and Public Safety were the two priorities in which better housing conditions for Latino tenants and securing funding to bring more bilingual officers to the Durham Police and Community Safety Departments were the focus after listening sessions were held at the beginning of the year.

 As a result of organizing this public assembly, the candidates committed to:

1. Meet with our team after 90 days of taking office to discuss community priorities

2. Organize a public meeting between the community, the new police chief, and the Mayor to discuss our agenda on community safety.

3. Support the hiring of more bilingual police officers and to review their bonus compensation for being bilingual

4. A collaboration between the Latino community, the Mayor, and the Durham District Attorney to create a new Community Life Court to address housing code and other violations

All attendees pledged to encourage 2+ eligible Latinos to vote in upcoming municipal elections.


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