Lake County United (LCU) has taken proactive measures to address the escalating utility costs that its members have been facing by forming a strategic partnership with the Community Purchase Alliance (CPA). The CPA was founded by Metro IAF a decade ago. It brings together various institutions to make collective purchases. By harnessing the power of group purchases; these organizations can secure more competitive rates for their electric and gas bills.

Illinois's latest group electricity contract has resulted in a total savings of $172,000 for organizations across the state. This impressive achievement is a testament to the power of collective action and highlights the positive impact of communities working together towards a common goal.

Through its partnership with the CPA, LCU has provided its members with access to a comprehensive network of resources, tools, and expertise. This has empowered the community to take control of their utility costs and prioritize energy efficiency in their operations. By working collaboratively towards a more sustainable and cost-effective future, we can ensure that our community thrives and prospers for future generations.


First Presbyterian, Libertyville: $14,240 on gas and electric
Holy Cross Lutheran, Libertyville: $10,443 on electric
Episcopal Dioceses: $26,396 on electric 
St. Paul Lutheran, Waukegan: $3,273 on electric
St James Lutheran, Lake Forest: $3,733 on gas 
Trinity Episcopal, Highland Park: $1,099 on electric
St Gregory Episcopal, Deerfield: $6,419 on gas and electric
Grace UMC: $1,440 on electric