VOICE held the largest Action of the Spring Election Season, it was over 6 times larger than the second largest forum. 
VOICE moved the Candidates on the central issues facing Fairfax County. This is the first of a series of VOICE Actions in Northern Virginia this Election season.
In Gum Springs, on May 19th, at Bethlehem Baptist Church, over 625 VOICE leaders challenged four candidates running for Fairfax Board of Supervisor Chair to move from rhetoric to action on the County’s policy of "One Fairfax.”  
VOICE leaders celebrate that ALL four Candidates committed to lead with VOICE on VOICE’s key issue priorities including--  
  • Renovate the sorely neglected Gum Springs Community Center, located in the historic African American community of Gum Springs which was founded by free Blacks from George Washington's plantation Mt. Vernon and by runaway slaves.  
  • Ensure that 4-year-olds from low-income families have access to PreK. Over the past 5 years, Fairfax County has left $13 million from the state on the table, funds that could have been put toward the creation of 862 needed preschool slots for 4-year-olds from low-income households;
  • Increase affordable housing from the current $15 million to $60 million in 4 years and then move to $120M in the next 10 to ensure that communities that have lived here for decades can continue to afford to remain AND to allow for anticipated population growth;
  • Invest $875,000 from the current $200,000 for a Legal Defense Fund to Keep Immigrant Families Together, in order to meet the actual need. 
  • Create after-school & summer programs in Title One Schools & at Gum Springs Community Centers.
VOICE leaders took commitment to turn out 3,465 to VOTE on Primary Day, June 11th which might very well be the difference in who wins this election. The last time there was a similar election for Board Chair was in 2009 when Chairman Boluva won a special election by just 1,206 votes.
VOICE is strictly non-partisan. VOICE believes in people not parties. This is the first of a series of VOICE Actions in Northern Virginia this Election season.