Over 60 New Jersey Together's leaders pressed the Jersey City Board of Education to lead when it comes to education funding.  In the last ten years, Jersey City Public Schools have gone from almost fully funded to $125 million underfunded each year. The impact of this underfunding has been incredibly concrete -- our leaders have heard repeated stories of lost reading programs, lost counselors, lost crisis intervention teachers & assistant principals, and more than 150 teachers lost!

NJT's Education Team crunched the numbers and is pressing for $50 million more to be invested in & in support of classrooms next year. Read about the proposal & the reasoning for these numbers HERE.

We have much further to go before the budget is passed by the Board of Education, and there will need to be additional leadership from the City Council & Mayor to make this a reality and to reduce the tax impact on families.

Coverage of the January 30th action in the Jersey Journal HERE.

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