by Mark Moore for The New York Post

May 6, 2018

City housing residents will lead council members on an “inspection tour” of NYCHA properties to show them the “dangerous conditions” of their homes and hold a rally on the steps of City Hall, according to a network of citizens organizations.

“Tenants will conduct walkthroughs to show Council members the state of their homes and highlight the failures of the de Blasio Administration to solve the twin crises of affordable housing and the need for senior housing,” a press release from the Metro Industrial Areas Foundation on Sunday said.

The tours will begin Monday at the Breukelen House with Councilwoman Inez Barron.

Other visits will take place on Thursday at the Hope Garden with Councilman Antonio Reynoso, May 12 at the Howard Houses with Councilwoman Alicka Ampry-Samuel and May 21 at the Butler Houses with Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson.

The City Hall rally will take place on May 15.

Tenants who are leaders of the Metro Industrial Areas Fund will conduct the tours.

​The organization supports funding for NYCHA improvements, including​ $950 million for boiler repairs, $500 million to start construction on 15,000 affordable apartments for seniors and $1 billion annual for ongoing capital needs.