104 neighborhood leaders met Sunday, February 27, 2022, to rally for property tax assistance.


Over 100 neighborhood leaders and their supporters rallied for property tax assistance Sunday, February 27, 2022, at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church. The rally was held one day prior to an important Board of Commissioners work session where Commissioners received an initial menu of options from county staff to expand tax assistance across Wake County. Commissioners had requested this information from staff last fall, in response to ONE Wake's request for increased assistance.

On Monday, Februry 28, County Commissioners received three options for property tax assistance from the County Manager. At the conclusion of the agenda item, the Manager was instructed to continue research on all three options, as well as to create a fourth option that is as close to ONE Wake's proposal as possible.

There was limited detail about each option available. However, ONE Wake is concerned that one option, the formation of a Community Land Trust, would not meet the central interest behind this campaign which is to preserve ownership and generational wealth.

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You can also watch the full video from Sunday's action here.