In 2019, Virginia’s election received national media attention and a flood of out of state money because it was the only contested race that would determine who would control power at the state level in the Senate and House. VOICE /IAF had 1,332 election volunteers over the last three years knocking on their neighbor’s doors in Virginia’s 2017, 2018, & 2019 elections. In 2019, VOICE once again secured major results through its non-partisan GOTV work in low voter turnout swing districts. VOICE leaders strategically focused in Prince William County in VA as it’s precincts were home to some of the most contested races of the 2019 election and located near VOICE member institutions.
VOICE’s non-partisan GOTV volunteers have --

  • Remarkable results with Infrequent Voters. Many VOICE leaders get 15-25 yes commitments in a 2-hour period, instead of the more common 6-10 in a 2-hour period that other groups report.
  • Increased voter turnout between 32% and 100% over the last 3 years.

Some examples include---

  • In the 2019 General Assembly election, voter turnout increased by 49% across the entire 51st District. But the two VOICE precincts, Old Bridge and Springwoods, increased by 100.66% and 82.68%, respectively.
  • In the 2018 Congressional election, voter turnout increased by 33% across Loudoun County in the VA-10 Congressional District. But in the VOICE precincts, Rolling Ridge, Mirror Ridger, Sterling and Ridgetop, voter turnout increased by 65%, 59%, 68%, and 96%, respectively.
  • In the 2017 election, voter turnout increased by 5% in the Prince William County section of VA 2nd House of Delegates district. But in the VOICE precincts, Freedom and River Oaks, voter turnout increased by 39% and 28%, respectively.
  • Engaged hundreds of Muslim leaders, who are historically swing voters. VOICE has trained over 350 Muslim leaders from some of the largest mosques in the US in our democracy building work.