BUILD leaders leveraged relationships with University of Maryland and The Johns Hopkins Hospital to offer community-based testing in Baltimore City hotspots. When it became apparent that residents were unable to easily access the 3 sites and the city health department did not have the capacity to provide community-based testing, we rallied leaders in our member institutions to choose a neighborhood site. Rev Phyllis Felton of Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church on the west side of the City volunteered her church, which is near a busy intersection, next to another BUILD church, and beside senior living apartments that were built by the church. Along with four other BUILD member churches, 2 BUILD affiliated schools, and other community organizations connected to BUILD members, we made a turnout commitment of 100.

University of Maryland staff, from medical directors to nurses to IT staff quickly set up the registration equipment, testing tents, and distancing measures. When the line became too long, the IT staff developed the capability for additional registration laptops. Rev Felton provided volunteers, water, juices, and information sheets. The University of Maryland gave a bag with masks, hand sanitizer and an information sheet to each person who had been tested. Results are expected in 48 hours.