Common Ground leaders discuss jobs and criminal justice during internal action at Tabernacle Community Baptist Church

On October 26th​, Common Ground held an internal action at Tabernacle Community Baptist Church on Milwaukee's North side centered on jobs, criminal justice and welcoming Tabernacle into the organization. Over 300 people were in attendance--including excellent African-American turnout and over 100 people from three South side Latino parishes that had affiliated earlier in the year--confirming Common Ground as the only organization in the Milwaukee area that can produce such a large, diverse and representative turnout. Dozens of people committed to a series of trainings and research actions. Sandra Taylor led a great meeting and Mimi Perez, Brianna Nelson and Patrick Davis offered powerful testimonials. Rev. Will Davis rocked the house with an inspirational call to action. Tabernacle's own Rev. Don Darius Butler finished off the evening with a moving presentation of why his church joined Common Ground. 

The action sets the stage for Common Ground's 10-year anniversary and celebration next year on April 29, 2018.

Relational Meetings during the Assembly