As the pandemic wears on,  we find ourselves looking for inspiring moments and stories.  Moments like witnessing a first time voter casting their first ballot and seeing a mother return to the polls after a hiatus in order to ensure her childrens' future.

Mr. Humphreys is 73 years old and has never voted in any election, let alone a presidential one. Knowing how much this election means, he made his way to the Midtown Early Voting site on Milwaukee’s Northside.  As he walked out after having cast his first ever ballot, the crowd waiting in line cheered him on.

Some voters have become jaded over the years, feeling like voting couldn't possibly matter. Brionna is one those voters.  She did not vote in the 2016 election. Pastor Joy Gallmon, a member of Common Ground's Clergy,  came to speak to her and convinced her to go to polls.  She is choosing to vote on her children's future and nothing could be more inspiring.