ONE Wake

Our Accomplishments this Fall, by the Numbers

Attendance at our 8/31 internal assembly to ratify our fall agenda: 200+

Total turnout pledged on 8/31 for our fall non-partisan candidate assemblies: 512

Total turnout delivered for those assemblies: 703

Number of candidates who attended our Cary Town Council candidate assembly: 5 of 7

Number of candidates who attended our Zebulon Town Commissioner candidate assembly: 6 of 6

Percentage of those candidates who said YES to our agenda: 100%

Estimated value of those commitments: $14 million

Volunteers who attended our non-partisan voter ID phone bank: 25

Number of voters called in one night: 500

Number of volunteer leaders who are participating in ONE Wake's Research Action Teams: 120

New issue campaign proposals on track to meet the December 1 deadline: 3

Amount of proposals not on track: 0

New recurring donors who have invested in our work this fall: 57

Remaining donor goal: 43

Link to make a recurring or one-time donation: