photos courtesy of Norvell Photography


On Wednesday, June 14th, 102 leaders from  United Power for Action and Justice (UPAJ) and Metro IAF met with Speaker Welch, Senate President Harmon, and State Rep. Lakesia Collins to see the homes being built as part of United Power's Reclaiming Chicago campaign. The purpose of the meeting was to recognize Speaker Welch, Senate President, and Rep. Collins for the work they have done to secure the state's commitment to Reclaiming Chicago, for the Speaker to see the work and people of United Power more fully, and to seek their commitment for Reclaiming Chicago going forward.

Speaker Welch said he will join us for the next action on July 9th, recognized United Power for the work that has been done to date, and encouraged us to keep going.

Rev Meeks outlined the next step, July 9th, where United Power members have committed to turn out 1,000 people to meet with Mayor Johnson and other allies. Speaker Welch confirmed his attendance on the spot. And Rev Meeks led the call to our allies and members present to encourage Mayor Johnson to confirm. At 11:01 AM Thursday, June 15th, the Mayor's attendance on July 9th was confirmed.