641 Leaders Attend Durham CAN April 2023 Refounding Action

Durham CAN Clergy and institutional leaders held a refounding action on April 30, 2023 --after a hiatus due to the pandemic. 

641 leaders from 25 member, six discerning member, and five new institutions attended the refounding action, which leaders organized to challenge CAN member institutions to ratify their commitment to continue building and using collective relational power to affect change in Durham County. 

In the action, Durham CAN leaders reconfirmed their affiliation with Metro IAF, secured commitments from 25 member institutions to organize $81,750 in dues, and agreed to a vision of collective action on affordable housing, neighborhood violence and access to food at Durham Public Schools. 

Leaders from six institutions shared their commitment to discern active membership and add to CAN’s power base in 2023.  Metro IAF senior leaders Rev David Brawley from East Brooklyn Congregations (EBC) and Carol Reckling from Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development (BUILD), who are the Metro IAF Strategy Team Co-Chairs as well as Rev. Patrick O’Connor, Metro IAF senior leader and Co-Chair of Queens Power attended the action and pledged Metro IAF’s support to Durham CAN.