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We are leaders and organizers who use the power we build to improve the lives of our families, communities, regions, and nation.


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Metro IAF, Bloc Power and PCC Celebrate Installation of Affordable Community Wi-Fi

On Monday, November 29, 2021 over 100 Metro IAF public housing leaders and allies from the Melrose and Courtlandt houses, other projects and the surrounding community joined with our partners at Bloc Power and Peoples Choice Communications, as well as Congressman Ritchie Torres, to celebrate the installation of affordable community Wi-Fi at the Melrose houses...[Continue Here]


VOICE's 2-Year Organizing Campaign Yields Major Wins for Tenants

VOICE's 2-Year Organizing Campaign Yields Major Wins for Tenants

Thirty tenants and VOICE leaders turned out with yellow VOICE buttons Tuesday, December 17th, to emphasize to the County Board the need for continued oversight and monitoring of needed changes at the Serrano apartments...[Continue Here] 


Persuasive Writing for Community Leaders & Organizers

Persuasive Writing for Community Leaders & Organizers

Join former IAF Organizer Greg Pierce and former DuPage United/Fox River Valley Initiative Organizer Adriene McCauley for twelve hours of online group training and discussion.  Participants of the workshop will gain a better understanding of why writing is a vital tool all organizers should possess....[Learn More and Register HERE]



Unanimous Support Garnered for ONE Wake Housing Initiative

On November 9, more than 40 ONE Wake members and allies turned out to support the adoption of the Cary Housing Plan, which was unanimously approved by Town Council. Then, on Thursday night, ONE Wake called on Town Council candidates to take another step forward by supporting local funding to ensure that the Housing Plan becomes a reality...[Continue Here]



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Rebuilding Cities in the US

Metro IAF has built 6,500+ Nehemiah homes for first time primarily black and brown homeowners, creating over $2 Billion in wealth with a foreclosure rate of less than 1% in New York, Jersey City, Baltimore, Washington, DC, Chicago, Prince Georges County, MD, Philadelphia, and Memphis...[Continue Here]

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Metro IAF Affordable Housing & Neighborhood Revitalization
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