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Metro IAF Spotlight


CBS News: Nehemiah Strategy Makes the American Dream Possible

Ted Koppel, with CBS Sunday Morning, interviewed Metro IAF leaders Rev. Brawley and Sarah Plowden of St. Paul, as well as affordable housing developer Kirk Goodrich to tell the story of how imagination and sustained institutional power resulted in a $1.5 Billion wealth-building equity strategy for first-time homeowners in low-income African-American and Latino neighborhoods in East Brooklyn, DC, Jersey City, Chicago, and Baltimore... [Continue Here]


We are not Helpless to Stop Gun Violence

Our nation is stuck right now, paralyzed by the marriage of learned helplessness and meaningless re-enactments. After another bloody holiday weekend—seven dead and dozens wounded in Highland Park; at least 10 dead and 62 wounded in the city of Chicago more than 220 dead and more wounded in other cities and counties—we are seeing these two trends converge again...[Continue Here]


Major Win for

Major win for Mental Health led by United Power

After many years of pressing and building relationships in Evanston among people and institutions that want better results for people with mental illness, on Monday March 28, 2022, the Evanston City Council approved $900,000 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to develop a mental health “Living Room” in Evanston...[Continue Here]



VICTORY: Mayor Announces Significant "Down Payment" after Negotiations with BUILD

This investment came after BUILD housing team leaders held repeated discussions and negotiations with the mayor and top city officials about the issue of approximately 15,000 abandoned & vacant properties in Baltimore City. Mayor Scott and BUILD have both called this a “down payment” on a more significant, multi-year strategy that will seek to address this community issue...[Continue Here]


Over 100 Leaders Turn

Over 100 Leaders Turn Out for Tax Assistance Action

Over 100 neighborhood leaders and their supporters rallied for property tax assistance Sunday, February 27, 2022, at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church. The rally was held one day prior to an important Board of Commissioners work session where Commissioners received an initial menu of options from county staff to expand tax assistance across Wake County. Commissioners had requested this information from staff last fall, in response to ONE Wake's request for increased assistance...[Continue Here]

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